Why you'll love Barco's LED displays

Brighter and Greener Displays from Barco

They’re brighter

More grayscales

Barco’s high-bright LED backlights render more JNDs (Just Noticeable Differences) to help you see more shades of gray. They enhance your clinical performance by making subtle details more noticeable more quickly, reducing windowing and levelling time and allowing you to read more studies each day.

Uniform brightness

Built on Barco’s patented uniformity technologies, ULT-LED and PPU-LED remove panel noise and render uniform DICOM images from center to corner, ensuring precise image clarity and accuracy. Designed for the unique characteristics of LED backlit displays, they make it easier for you to detect the smallest abnormalities in the image.

Consistent quality

To ensure continuous diagnostic confidence, Barco developed I-MST (Intelligent Multi Sensor Technology) for its LED diagnostic displays. With this system, front-of-screen, backlight, ambient light and temperature sensors work together seamlessly to optimize image quality and to keep it consistent over time.

They’re greener

Smaller footprint

Using power-efficient backlights, Barco’s LED displays are as low in power consumption as they are high in brightness. Additionally, their lightweight and slim design helps save energy and reduce transportation costs. In contrast to lamp-based systems, LEDs contain no mercury, keeping this harmful element out of our environment.

Less heat

Because our LED displays use less power, they also produce less heat and require less cooling, reducing the overall operational and maintenance costs for the hospital.

Longer lifetime

Barco’s LED backlights shine brighter and last longer, providing an even better return on your investment in the best of diagnostic displays. As they last longer, they don’t need to be replaced as quickly, which also reduces environmental waste.

They’re from Barco

Clinical focus

Barco’s diagnostic displays are designed to optimize workflow productivity. Built on patented technologies, they present precise and consistent images to increase throughput, protect your investment, and provide better care for your patients.

5-year warranty

All of Barco’s diagnostic display systems come with a 5-year warranty. Supported by Imaging Solutions locally with highly qualified support personnel, Barco and Imaging Solutions partner together to deliver diagnostic confidence and complete peace of mind.

Zero worries

Barco offers a complete diagnostic display system solution. Bundled with MediCal QAWeb for enterprise-wide, automated QA and calibration, you can count on worry-free image quality, anytime, anywhere.